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- July 2016
Thinking about...
   July 11th, 2016, 12:32 am

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I've been thinking about thinking, and wondering whether what I think is just what it occurs to me to think because I'm me, or if it's possible to think somehow beyond myself. Perhaps this now is such a public domain subject; an idea that's out there as a consequence of the nature of people and reality and mind, that if my logic is sound in discussing this, I am not thinking this just because I'm me.
It occurs to me that perhaps it would serve us to consider whether adding a list of numbers is a subjective exercise with an objective result - but why does this occur to me? Somehow I see that, what must from a behaviorist perspective seem to be an objective exercise, can be undertaken in any number of subjective ways - which would seem to suggest that the product of thought is not the process of thought, and that even as I strive for a logical approach to this problem, this idea of adding a list of numbers arrives unbidden.
To consider this idea - in itself seems reasonably logical, and...

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