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Hi all,

Below I have gathered links on what I consider the most interesting posts I've contributed that go a long way in describing my personal position on several subjects related to this Reality that we exist within.

The Mathematical Universe:
These posts provide a description of the Cellular Automation Model I adopted describing the Quantum Mathematical Nature of our Reality and a clearer definition regarding the true nature of Time.
The Cellular Automaton:

A model of Space-Time Reality:
This post is a brief summary description of the Cellular Automation Model I adopted describing the Nature of our Reality and Space-Time.

[ continued ]

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Now keeping in mind I have no recognized authority, I can at least convey my opinion regarding the 3 faces of Time.

First we establish some terms for Dimensions:
In 4 Dimensions we have 8 directions of movement:
1: Left-Right (X)
2: Up-Down (Y)
3: Closer-Away (Z)
4: Past-Future (T)

Now to define Time in all 3 major aspects:

Case A:
Time Doesn't Exist.
Imagine a void with no Matter, Energy, Distance or Time.
Nothing exists in this Void. This is the only place that Truly Exists.
This Void has Logic because Logic requires no ingredients listed above.

From Logic extends Math and Equations. For each clearly defined Equation a Solution must Exist.. Regardless of Complexity. Some Equations define a Universe as a Solution and "We Exist" inside one such Solution. Within our Solution there exists Cause, Effect and Sequence involving Logic Symmetries that we would call Quantum Mechanics. Composition of our Reality is pure information and nothing more.

Case B:
Quantum Time Exists.

[ continued ]

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