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Now keeping in mind I have no recognized authority, I can at least convey my opinion regarding the 3 faces of Time.

First we establish some terms for Dimensions:
In 4 Dimensions we have 8 directions of movement:
1: Left-Right (X)
2: Up-Down (Y)
3: Closer-Away (Z)
4: Past-Future (T)

Now to define Time in all 3 major aspects:

Case A:
Time Doesn't Exist.
Imagine a void with no Matter, Energy, Distance or Time.
Nothing exists in this Void. This is the only place that Truly Exists.
This Void has Logic because Logic requires no ingredients listed above.

From Logic extends Math and Equations. For each clearly defined Equation a Solution must Exist.. Regardless of Complexity. Some Equations define a Universe as a Solution and "We Exist" inside one such Solution. Within our Solution there exists Cause, Effect and Sequence involving Logic Symmetries that we would call Quantum Mechanics. Composition of our Reality is pure information and nothing more.

Case B:
Quantum Time Exists.
In our Quantum Logic Universe information moves in all 4 dimensions and all 8 directions. Time Exists as Sequential Cause and Effects in the Interactions of Logic Symmetries. In this case Time is NOT a Dimension but just simple Sequencing with a Beginning and perhaps even an Ending.

Case C:
Conventional Time:
In our Reality, the interactions of logic symmetries only propagate in one direction of the 4th Dimension by which we have labeled Past to Future. This is where your persistence stems from. This is also why we can not travel faster than light.. because we must defer some percentage of travel forward along the 4th axis (T) to one (or more) of the other 3 axis (X,Y,Z). This does not mean that time slows down for a moving object but rather the clocks of a moving object are slowed down because they are, after all, Matter and Energy symmetries.

All three Cases above are always true. They do not conflict with each other.

From Case (A), or an Outsiders View, the whole Universe exists simultaneously as one static block of non-moving logic. From this point of view, we can see all 4 axis without the concept of Time.

From Case (B), or the Quantum View, time is a logical sequence that started at the point the solution of the equation defines as the beginning or first cause. The solution may iterate forever or end at some point. From this perspective information can not travel back in Time because Time is merely progression or ticks of the Quantum Clock.

From Case (C), or Our View, Time appears to progress from Past to Future.. but we must keep in mind that Time (in this case) is a Spatial Function and not a Temporal Function. This is why we can send information back in time (sort of) because it's a Spatial Issue and not entirely a Temporal Issue. Also note that we can't send Matter and Energy back in time because their symmetry only permits travel-propagation in one direction of the 4th dimensional axis. But this limitation doesn't apply to information that takes advantage of cause-effect symmetries of the 4th Dimension or what Quantum Mechanics calls wave collapse (Retro-Causality).

From Case (A).. Past, Present and Future all exist simultaneously (No Time).
From Case (B).. Time is merely Sequence and not a Dimension.
From Case (C).. Time is a Spatial aspect and not really a Temporal aspect.

Dave :^)

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