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Unbelievable issues with USA medical care

PostPosted: July 27th, 2015, 11:08 pm
by Dave_Oblad
Hi all,

This is just a quick rant at how bad the Medical Services here in the USA have become:

My mother has chronic COPD.. meaning she can't breath well.. about 20% efficiency of her lungs.

I had to take her to the Hospital to see her Doctor to fill a prescription for Pain and Inhalers for the COPD. As usual, she caught a cold or something from the other patients in the waiting room (for 3 hours).

This further reduced her ability to Breath and she has had to resort to continuous use of her Oxygen Concentrator. This is a machine that concentrates the Oxygen from the room into a tube feeding her nose.

As of the last two weeks, she can barely make it to the bathroom and has to rush back to her room for more Oxygen. I called the supplier of her equipment and asked what I could do about this. They said she could have a 50 foot extension of the air tube. Ok.. so far. But.. she is limited to remaining in the house or be within 50 feet of her machine. (I won't mention that she is almost blind and a 50 foot hose could be problematic) So we asked for a portable Concentrator. They do exist. We get 4 hours on a battery charge and this will give her a bit more mobility to make those mandatory office visits.

But.. she can't have it without a Prescription and for that she has to go to the Doctor of course. I called the nurse at that doctor's office and the Nurse said: If she wants a portable Machine to help her breath she must come into the office. I said: "How? It would take an really long extension cord to reach from my house to the Doctor's office." She said she doesn't make policy and this is the law. So I assume you can see my problem? The nurse had no solution..

After several more calls I reached a solution. We are to call a special health service that provides transportation to patients that are stuck in bed etc, to see the Doctor at his office, to renew their prescriptions, now that Office visits are required for all prescription. It only costs $1,500.00 per trip. And they can't just drop off a patient at the front door, so somebody responsible must be there to receive her. That would be me. So I have to take part of a day off work.. to escort my mother.. because of course.. the Nurse can't be bothered to escort my mother inside.

Then, after our visit, we will get a prescription to order a portable Concentrator and of course, the $1,500 for the return to home trip.

Problem solved.... and the Doctor gets to charge Medicare for an office visit! Yea for him. <Not>

So.. we have acquired permission to have an Oxygen Concentrator, which we already had proven a need for. And since the bulk of the $3,000.00 Transportation Service is paid for by Medicare, then we are ok, except I lost 1/2 day work and our Co-Pay. And of course Medicare is out the $3,000.00 for Patient Transport and the Office Visit.

Very efficient system we have here. And the Doctors aren't complaining.. because they make no money just writing or renewing a prescription.. they need those mandatory office visits.

So to say it simply: The Doctor got his Mandatory Office Visit ($50) and Medicare is out over $3,000.00 for a fancy Taxi.

Something is just not right about that.

Nuff said..

Regards all,
Dave :^)

Re: Unbelievable issues with USA medical care

PostPosted: July 27th, 2015, 11:17 pm
by zetreque
That sucks Dave, I could rant on forever about the medical industry.

My dad has one of those household oxygen units and man does it burn up electricity too. They are not cheap to operate. He burned up one of them too and it had to be replaced but no change in power consumption.

My required medical insurance in order to attend college went up by $600 this year!!!
The girl at the school never called me back today to discuss what is going on. I mean I hope I get better benefits or dental and vision for that much money. I will probably have to spend an entire day again shopping around for new insurance seeing if I can get it cheaper.

Re: Unbelievable issues with USA medical care

PostPosted: July 27th, 2015, 11:26 pm
by Watson
My last visit was 9 hours, but another guy died after 36 hours, atleast that's when they found he had expired.

Re: Unbelievable issues with USA medical care

PostPosted: July 27th, 2015, 11:37 pm
by Dave_Oblad
Hi Zetreque,

Yea.. could rant much more about other stupid stuff.. Like needing a prescription for Oxygen.. Wouldn't want to become addicted to that I got to wondering about those Oxygen Bars popping up here and there. How much do they charge for air and will they be treated like Opium Dens?

Myself.. last year I had to have a Kidney Stone removed. They kept postponing my Treatment.. past my prescription for Pain Pills. I ran out.. couldn't sleep.. losing work.. went to the Doctor to get a renewal and they said I had to make an appointment for next week to see the Doctor!

I almost went Postal on them.

So.. I got smart and put myself back into the Emergency Room at the local hospital. They confirmed I had a huge Kidney Stone and the Doctor there wrote me a prescription for Pain Pills. Insurance paid for the ER visit, probably about $1000.00.. Xrays and all.

Stupid System.

Hey Watson.. know the feeling. They have a cattle call for patients at my wife's Doctor. Show up by 8 AM and stand in line halfway around the block.. to get into the waiting room. About 5 hours total, and I had to take my wife and lose the work, because she was nearly blind and couldn't see to drive herself. I wanted to bill the Doctor for my waiting time.

Oh.. and when my Mother was in the Hospital last year from a fall.. the Guy in the next room died.. he was also getting Oxygen and his tube got pulled out and he went Coma, dying later that day.

Best wishes,
Dave :^)

Re: Unbelievable issues with USA medical care

PostPosted: July 27th, 2015, 11:54 pm
by zetreque
I haven't even used any of my insurance benefits for the past two years. Supposedly I am covered for an annual exam and stuff, but just to do that takes so much time to figure out the system fill out paperwork have all your files transferred if it's a new doctor on a new plan. Required medical insurance is just throwing money away in most peoples cases. I really want/need to get an exam too since I nearly died a couple years ago and had to cure myself after I wasted 10k in doctors ideas and the only doctor that actually helped me wasn't even on my insurance plan. I'm starting to revisit the rage myself now. lol
I haven't seen the dentist or eye doctor in two years either because the outrageous required insurance is only for health.

I'm pissed my insurance went up so much money this year... There goes all the grant money I made thinking I would break even with school this year.

Re: Unbelievable issues with USA medical care

PostPosted: July 28th, 2015, 12:00 am
by Watson
They say you'll see the Dr when it is your turn. They don't tell you there are no Dr's going to be there until after their office hours, and then they come in when they can get there. I was told by one nurse, sometime in the early afternoon that the Dr. is in the office and wouldn't be to the ER until sometime after 4:00 pm.

I also got a call from the health authority, because I signed in, and left without seeing someone. Piss off.

Re: Unbelievable issues with USA medical care

PostPosted: July 28th, 2015, 12:10 am
by zetreque
My mom was herded in to cataract surgery when she didn't even think she needed it. I went with her and they just herded us around like sheep between 3 waiting rooms. Took a couple hours of just waiting. Doctor comes in and looks at her and just tells her she should have both eye lenses replaced and of course none of what they recommend is covered by insurance.

She was finding another doctor for a second opinion and reading reviews and we found this funny review that went something like this.

"If you love waiting then come on down, this is the doctor for you. Not only do they have one waiting room but three! The doctor isn't even in the office, while I was in one of the waiting rooms I overheard the nurse say the doctor had just arrived at the office."

Her second opinion doctor she found explained to her exactly what she had which wasn't bad and she didn't need any surgery at all for the time being. She is just going to get some bifocal glasses.

Re: Unbelievable issues with USA medical care

PostPosted: July 28th, 2015, 10:21 am
by TheVat
I feel very fortunate to have good health all my life. When I read anecdotes like these, it makes me motivated to keep to a healthy regimen. $3000 for that medical taxi? Sounds like the kind of price gouging we get in a system where insurance will pay for it. I used to live in Oregon, and plan to move back there and establish residency, when it looks like I am reaching the years when serious incapacity will be possible. I want the euthanasia option. If I don't qualify, I will go to Mexico and purchase veterinary Nembutal (equine). Our culture's death phobia is absurd and fosters an inhumane forcing of miserable "living." Some do want to cling to life, no matter what, and I respect that, but it should be each person's choice.

Re: Unbelievable issues with USA medical care

PostPosted: July 28th, 2015, 10:32 am
by zetreque
My grandpa asked for his gun and tried to kill himself with knives when it was his time. They wouldn't let him. He wasn't mentally ill. He was thinking completely clearly and the situation was one where he was just ready to go and didn't want to put his family through pain or drain on the system. He took care of his entire life so he was the last thing from a burden to anyone. Organized everything so no one would have to deal with his funeral or anything. He was 83 at the time I think but I could be wrong and he was older. Somewhere in the 80s. His wife died horribly of Alzheimer many years prior. My mom wants to end her life if it comes to that too because that's such a horrible illness.

Yeah. I almost died, but my cure I found was diet and find tuning my lifestyle. Going from being hospitalized to not needing doctors for the past 3 years... Maintain a "healthy" diet and the less you need doctors for sure. I really really don't want to get into that though, so I just want to backup braininvat's "keep a healthy regimen." so you don't need the medical system as much if not at all. :)

Re: Unbelievable issues with USA medical care

PostPosted: July 29th, 2015, 2:37 pm
by TheVat

This is John Oliver's rant (very informative, underneath all the jokes) on the pharmaceutical industry and how they market to your doctor.