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engineering persuasive research paper

Postby wilson__law on October 25th, 2007, 2:39 am 

the requirements are :
-Research a contemporary issue related to science, technology, or engineering
-Write a persuasive paper dealing with its ethical, social, or political dimensions
-Write a paper of about 3000 words

the topic i chose is cloning, i was about to write "against cloning", but my teacher said that its controversial on the extremes, so he couldn't approve it, but he said i could write "research about cloning should be done or not". he also said I can discuss anything on topic as long as you only look at
technology/science/benefits (demerits) of cloning.
as long as don't make a religious/moral aspects to cloning. And
most importantly it must have a persuasive purpose to it.
. how do you think i should write this?

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