Eric P. Dollard, America's Tesla 2.0

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Eric P. Dollard, America's Tesla 2.0

Postby bangstrom on June 29th, 2019, 7:05 am 

Here is an interesting but unpolished and poorly prepared lecture by Eric P. Dollard about the early history of electricity.

Dollard is an electrical engineer considered to be America’s Nicoli Tesla 2.0 and known for his “out of the box” thinking about electrical engineering. The first hour of the video is largely a history of discovering how electricity works up to the time of Charles “Proteus” Steinmetz and Oliver Heavyside. The rest is more history from Dollard’s unique perspective and a hurried explanation of his own theories among other wanderings.

Dollard has his own fascinating personal history and many stories to tell beyond this lecture but this video is one of the better introductions to Dollard’s style and his scientific perspective. I am not completely sold on Dollard’s theories but I find that his understanding of electricity closely parallels my own understanding of light so his his theories of electronics have been pivotal to my understanding of light as well as expanding my understanding of electronics.

The video is just under three and a half hours long so, for anyone with the time to watch an interest in electricity beyond what I usually taught as “settled science” I think they will find this video worthwhile.
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