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pneumatic tools

Postby zetreque on September 16th, 2018, 1:38 pm 

Years ago I took a class on air compressors and pneumatic devices for building operators. The constant theme and main take away from the class was to NEVER use pneumatics when possible in the face of other options. This is because they have among, if not the lowest, efficiency of any choice when performing a task. They went over energy curves to find the most efficient pressures to work at and whatnot but it still takes a lot more energy to compress air which is then used to perform a job. The more you compress it, the more energy it takes etc.

This week, as I watch several people get new roof's around town, the roofers are using the classic pneumatic nail gun. I myself have used them a little bit. I wonder how much energy would be saved if the whole construction industry switched over to electric nail guns. Electric nail gun logistics would be the same if not easier than pneumatic because they still need an extension cord but don't need the noisy air compressor. It's debatable if an extension cord or air hose is more durable.

I know pneumatic nail guns are simple to maintenance and wonder about the feasibility of an electric nail gun being as powerful, easy to maintenance and how much more energy efficient it could be.

Here is an article about it but doesn't mention the energy efficiency part of it. ... ers/21710/

Apparently after reading that article, they the ones on the market are cordless. I imagine they get weaker as the battery gets drained and on a large home or industrial construction project, that could be a pain.
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