Laser power, efficiency and thoughts.

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Laser power, efficiency and thoughts.

Postby Event Horizon on August 24th, 2018, 11:47 pm 

Although I have reported on military lasers, I was pondering their efficiency amongst other things.

I have seen test firings of various military lasers in the 10-15kw range, but the powerplants used to produce this power are very large and would happily occupy a 40 foot trailer. This does not seem very efficient to me, and was hoping someone with laser knowledge might know, roughly, how efficient various laser systems are.

A small, current, nuclear satellite power plants may be enough to fire a laser at a solid reaction mass ablating matter with an ion drive as a pattern but more powerful. But it would depend a lot on the efficiency of the laser and chamber pressure attainable. Getting these two variables right could open up new avenues in off-world missions to the benefit of us all.
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