Drafting with AutoCAD

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Drafting with AutoCAD

Postby PerfectZero on November 7th, 2016, 10:05 am 

Hello my friends i was recently contemplating going back to school for AutoCAD , considering they do not offer this program at my local facilities , Penn Fosters program has me intrigued, i was curious if any of you have any insight or opinion on the program/suggestions, Also i was previously a Math and Physics Major ,would this benefit me in any way in this field? Thanks in advance .
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Re: Drafting with AutoCAD

Postby Dave_Oblad on November 7th, 2016, 5:44 pm 

Hi PerfectZero,

Welcome to the Forums.

I've used many Cad programs, but never tried Autocad. I do have several friends that have, and in each case, they simply bought the program, installed it, and started using it. If they had questions, there are sources built-in and Net sources to answer most questions. I suppose it depends on how sophisticated your project is, as to whether or not schooling is an appropriately spent time.

I would just play with it first and see what you can figure out on your own.. before paying for schooling and investing the time. Unless it's your first time with any type of Cad Ware.

Dave :^)
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Re: Drafting with AutoCAD

Postby Natural ChemE on November 7th, 2016, 6:05 pm 


To echo Dave's sentiment, welcome to the forums! Also, I agree with his suggestion to check out the software before making any big decisions.

There's a free trial for AutoCAD, so playing with that seems like a good first step. Also, the AutoCAD channel on YouTube has a lot of video tutorials.

AutoCAD's definitely a neat tool, and it can be fun to play with! Still, since it's a tool, I suppose that its value'll depend on what you might use it for. Based on my limited prior experience, I think that it's primarily used for constructing 3D models of mechanical systems or structures before building 'em. However the parent company, Autodesk, has tons of products for a broad range of related tasks.

As for your background, definitely, if you're good with Math and Physics, you'd probably be comfortable with constructing 3D objects and the mechanical interactions involved in common application.
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Re: Drafting with AutoCAD

Postby PerfectZero on November 7th, 2016, 6:36 pm 

Thanks guys,

I have experimented with CAD, most of the functions are straight forward and others take some digging, as far as Auto desks programs i am primarily interested in the product development package. might give it a couple of months of research and more experimentation, but in the long run i think employers would like to see a certification or some credibility in the program, considering Penn fosters program is online and can be finished in 8-9 months , doesn't sound like a bad bet to me.
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