Does the piece of art I consume is shaped by my observation?

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Does the piece of art I consume is shaped by my observation?

Postby markzzz on April 26th, 2018, 4:34 am 

Hi all.

I'm new to the Forum. I hope to explain correctly (I'm not a native english speaker) my puzzlement, and to have choosed the right section of the forum. Feel free to move it in the correct place, otherwise!

Well, lets trying to explain my uncertainty.
As being "artist" (electronic music, producer) I struggle sometimes to make things that will appair (later) differently; or maybe: not exaclt the same. For this discussion, lets ALWAYS talk about me vs me; who output the piece and who consume the piece, without envolving differences between humans (i.e. what you hear is different of what I hear, clearly).

I feel like that some elements are perceptively being preserved: pitch, rhythm, melody, ecc.
But when I fall into things such as "timbre" (or dynamics, for example), these "elements" of perception are not being preserved "exacly".

There are always nuances depending by different factors: setup or environments, citing some. Always. No one system is transparent 100%. Even if I turn the head differently, the (physycs) sound I'll get will be different. No way to get around this.

The same will apply if a car builder make its own model with a "fixed" color: once he see that car with different lights during the day, that color will change (different nuances), constantly.

Thus my reflection: if I can discriminate it, it means that stuff in fact become "differents", having the ability to trigger to me different reactions, sending different "messages". Like to prefer a dress in the sunny days instead of artificial light: I experience somethings different, thus I "prefer" one instead of another.
Or I experience somethings different when the "same" picture is showed on an AMOLED screen instead of LCD.

It seems I partecipate on art, as consumer (and not artist).
This make me reflect; it seems that due the medium used on consuming stuff, I shape and edit the piece of art itself.

For some aspects. In different context. Just observing it in different way.
Does it make sense? I find it weird... in respect of art and the work made by artist. Also because this means there isn't (neither for me) a fixed reference/piece of art at all.

Hope we can have a happy discussion! Thanks to everybody!
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