A Forgotten Poem

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A Forgotten Poem

Postby BadgerJelly on January 1st, 2017, 4:34 am 

I wrote a poem many, many years ago. Sadly I cannot remember it and so am asking for your help.

It was only about 8-10 lines long and I know the title and the first and last lines. Can you help me piece it back together?

Snow Flake

Folded iced blue light upon open graced flight ...

... The ultimate irony is death beckons lifes call.

Not much to go on I know! I do recall that "call" rhymed with "fall". I am looking for words that fit this theme to help me remember it.

I am sure I had "crystal" or "crystals" is there somewhere amd also "frozen" or "cold" probably. What words relate to this theme?

I ask because I was very proud of this little piece and it meant something to me.

I do remember that the meter of the first line was the same for the next three lines. What words rhyme with "flight"? I think I used "plight" somewhere?
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