Humanity is in denial of their own emotions

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Humanity is in denial of their own emotions

Postby Omniverse on March 21st, 2018, 11:50 am 

Proof That Our Emotions Are The Perception Of Value: I talk about how our emotions allow us to perceive value. Many people would disagree with this idea because many people think that emotions are just simply emotions (i.e. how we feel about things) and nothing more. But I think this example I am going to give you might prove how our emotions really are the perception of value. When you, for example, feel fear from being in a dangerous situation, that feeling of fear is a chemical message to the brain which is telling your brain something.

It tells your brain "THREAT!!!" or "DANGER!!!" This would be no different than your brain getting the message "IT MATTERS!!!" When your brain gets that message of threat and danger, that allows you to perceive things and situations as being threatening and dangerous. When you perceive a situation as being threatening or dangerous, that is no different than perceiving that situation as something that matters to you because, if it's a threat or danger, then it matters.

Now, when something matters to you, this means it is something good or bad from your perspective. For example, if the loss of your loved one mattered to you or if getting a new movie is something that mattered to you, then this means those things had value from your perspective.

Therefore, when you feel fear, that is no different than your brain getting the message that this dangerous situation you felt fear from was something bad. So, I can honestly conclude that emotions are the message of value to our brains which means they really are the perception of value. But since people are in denial of this, then they are in denial of their own emotions.

That is why I do not trust humanity because people are often times in denial and delusional. Humanity currently believes in this idea that emotions being the source of value in our lives is for the weak-minded and that the real value comes about through our intellect, character, and morals. I think humanity is also in denial when it comes to their moral and intellectual based values because I don't think these are real values. In essence, my views oppose the vast majority of humanity.

I think the emotional values are the real values while the values founded upon morality, intellect, and character are the fake values. But humanity thinks the opposite. Humanity thinks I am the one who is delusional and in denial and I think it is humanity that is delusional and in denial. As I explain later on, I do not think both sets of values can be real. I don't think the emotional values and the intellectual and moral based ones can be real. One set is real and one set is fake.

It would be like having two boxes of money and figuring out which box consists of real money and which box consists of fake money. In a way, I consider myself to be a detective trying to figure this whole thing out. We should all be like detectives to try to figure this out. The idea that our emotions are the perception of value is supported by many skeptics, emotional theorists, and neuroscientists as pointed out later on. Some people reject that idea, but I support it based upon my own personal experience as well as my own arguments.

The very fact that there is this idea out there that our emotions are the perception of value should be our 1st clue to really consider the possibility that humanity is in denial and that it's our emotions that are the true source of value in our lives and not our character, morality, intellect, or obligations/responsibilities (or "just doing what you got to do in life" even if you feel miserable and hopeless).

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