Reason vs gutt instincts

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Reason vs gutt instincts

Postby edy420 on October 8th, 2012, 7:51 am 

When your reason tells you something is right but your gutt instincts tells you your wrong, is it better to trust in your instincts?

When I consider that I have been wrong before (many many times before :P ) even while using a great deal of reason then I think there comes a time when it is important to ignore valid reason and to trust your instincts.

The problem here is the conflict between the two points of view so I think it important to trust the one that seems to be most correct.
But when the conflict between reason and instinct is based on something that may change the way you act drastically then perhaps it is important to ignore reason and go with something like taboo and gutt instinct?

I think that most people here would prefer reason above all else, so I'd like to hear your thoughts and opinions.
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Re: Reason vs gutt instincts

Postby Percarus on October 8th, 2012, 9:25 am 

When your reason tells you something is right but your gutt instincts tells you your wrong, is it better to trust in your instincts?

It is often socially attributed to be more ‘reasonable’ to trust your gut instincts when it comes to judging people I would presume. However, a good reasonable person will realise that most people are commonly alike, but this is nowhere near the case (certain cases of people spring to mind). There have been other threads on ‘intuition’, and to that effect, for intuition to hold valid and bear fruit it is important to trust your gut instinct. A impulse decision pertaining to a facet may be an array of amalgamated lore accrued within the inner self and in this case can really help you when time is a limiting factor for instance.

Ashlin Rekaf (someone that wrote hundreds of self help topics) attributes that your subconscious mind gathers and evaluates information and most of them you do not catch in subconscious mind. Sometimes you pick up something like body language and make opinion about the person. This cannot be explained but it is certainly valid and possible. No one acts or takes decision without intuition. Even the world's greatest discoveries are results of intuition. If you want to check out, make a guess of one thing every day and write it down. You can look at it after sometime and check how many of them were right.

Sometimes I would think that in order to make the best ‘intuitive’ decision is to first clear your mind and try to project a momentary clause of reason in your gut hunch. Why not?
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Re: Reason vs gutt instincts

Postby moranity on October 8th, 2012, 10:51 am 

there are many things that people call "gut instinct", it's like the term "common sense", implying what is "natural" is "good". the way i see it all these sensations are advisors, just as logic is, none are me, i choose which advice i take from my many advisors, although some are more noisy than others.
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Re: Reason vs gutt instincts

Postby Paralith on October 8th, 2012, 1:11 pm 

I think that what most people call their "gut instinct" or their "intuition" is their subconscious brain saying "waitaminute! I've seen this pattern before!"

Your brain is a huge pattern-finding machine. Your subconscious mind is constantly collating your experiences, trying to detect patterns in them. That way, if you recognize a pattern again, you can have a prepared, fast response to it. If your subconscious recognizes a pattern that had negative consequences in the past, you will find yourself feeling uneasy or nervous, perhaps your palms will begin to sweat. That's your subconscious telling you this is a bad pattern.

But a pattern is like a statistical trend; if it's only based on one or two samples, chances are good that any pattern or trend you might be seeing is spurious and not real. But if it's based on lots and lots of samples, lots of past experience, then the patterns you see are much more likely to be accurate representations of reality.

I read a story once about a fireman who thought he had ESP; he and his men were in a burning room and "something" told him to get the hell outta there! He did, and mere seconds later the room collapsed. If he and his men had still been in there, they would have probably died. But that's probably not ESP. That's probably his years and years of experience as a fireman, shaping his subconscious into recognizing a pattern - a really bad pattern.

I think an experienced fireman will do well to trust his gut instincts when he's inside a burning building. On the other hand, if you're not a fireman and you've never been anywhere near a housefire before, but you decided to dive into a burning building to help someone trapped inside, then your reasoning and logic are probably going to be your best guides.
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