Is it wrong to be a willing lamb?

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Is it wrong to be a willing lamb?

Postby Olala on February 23rd, 2012, 7:56 am 

i find my fate to be bound
and i can only
stand by
to see it pass
with great despair
for when i was sent to this world
it was to defy
but every time i would see a break
in my woven design
i could not take of it
even when it beckoned unto me
for u see
i fell in love with he
who murders me
i have loved him
all my life
i cant stop loving him
i can only find peace from it
through the thought of hatred
hatred that no matter how softly he is loved
he can never love another
lust, jealousy, pity,wrath
are his limits of emotion
in the end
i have come to terms with
i can no more change his down fall
then he can mine now
for i see my life pass by one last time
and it is as always
he takes my hand in his
and says
stand by my side
i nod and whisper
i am yours
pick me up
and watch me fall to your feet
for u are my self-proclaimed king
who questions me
when i kneel before him now
why do u shun the
inevitable sting of my kiss
i answer with
i am not without fear
but i am ready to be devourered
for i am your prey
one that now enters
your cage
of its own free will

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