What do I owe society?

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Re: What do I owe society?

Postby Watson on May 11th, 2016, 11:24 pm 

It is generally unfortunate that so many people seem to have so little expectations for the future.
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Re: What do I owe society?

Postby Serpent on May 12th, 2016, 12:45 am 

Well, the future is looking pretty grim.
There have been calamitous times before this - though usually just for one civilization or another, rather than all of it at once - and some people have survived to start over. That's likely to happen again, and there is definite advantage in a much reduced human population, minus our present global financial farce.

We might have been able to prevent the collapse. We were, for a few decades, making progress toward a sane and equitable modus vivendi. That was in my lifetime, and what I was invested in. Humans are supposed to be gregarious, co-operative, empathetic. We're supposed to live in groups for mutual protection and interdependence. I'm a big fan of the social contract.

But, due to actions of a minority of humans with disproportionate influence, it has been failing. And that failure seems we have produced a generation, or maybe two, with a sub-set that rejects everything - without definitions or explanations or consideration.

In a purely objective sense, this would be okay, because they won't mind the unprecedented die-off that's coming..... Except, of course, that it's BS. They talk about building their own house in the wilderness, but don't know which way is north or which end of a hammer to hold. They talk about living off the land, but have never banked up a row of potatoes, chopped firewood or gutted a fish. They've never been alone for two hours or off the electrical grid for a day or more than twenty feet away from a bathroom and three fast-food outlets. They're mostly urban, mostly white, mostly middle-class... whiners.
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Re: What do I owe society?

Postby edy420 on May 17th, 2016, 12:36 am 

BaronSamedys » 12 May 2016, 01:59 wrote:Did you find an answer to your question in the time that has since passed? I only inquire as I'm currently asking the same questions internally now....

I owe nothing.
Society is not a friendly entity, it is an ugly beast who demands I slave for its survival, and thus my survival also.

My people, the Maori were murdered and swindled for their land.
The Pakeha would slaughter nearby Maori villages because they were savages, wars ensued.
Modern day Society is what has come from those wars, all who want their freedom were outright murdered.
The remaining survivors were beaten into submission, forced to attend schools where their language was forbidden.
In just a few generations, we have turned from a warrior race, into submissive slaves.

Similar outcomes happened to others around the world, the Africans, Aboriginies in Australia and is happening in the middle east where modern societies freedom is being shared.
I think the same has happened to the instigaters, the Pakeha. (Fair skinned foreigners. ie Brittish)
Kings ruled peasants in the same way Governments rule the lower and middle classes.

We have no choice, freedom is working your butt off all year to earn a 1 week holiday.
Freedom is paying taxes so this ugly beast can keep you safe from savages.

You cant buy your own land or house, not when you have to pay annual rates, you can only rent, meaning you need to slave enough to pay for your life span.

The ugly beast needs us to survive and will not let us free.
What do we owe society?
Our lives.

Well thats my point of view in a nutt shell.
We can never really be free, but we can mitigate the amount we "owe" society.
The closest I can think of is slaving to buy enough land to become self sufficient.
Grow your own foods, and find a hobby that lets you trade for goods.

The problem is getting set up.
You have to have money to become self sufficient, and a lot of it.
If I owned some land I could save on over priced veggies.
If this land was close to forestry or native bush, I could save on meats.
Land by the water, I could save on fish, mussles, paua, kina, oysters, crayfish, all ridiculously over priced, all were free before society.
I wouldnt need power, internet or a job.
But I need all those to slave for my freedom.

Id say you have a lot to think about lol
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