Programming language/platform wish list

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Programming language/platform wish list

Postby Natural ChemE on October 6th, 2015, 10:22 pm 

In this thread I'd like to construct a wishlist for stuff that an ideal programming language/platform/IDE could do.

To start the list (and provide examples):
  1. Read any combination of computer languages instead of just one.
    • Write programs that automatically run on all operating systems (like Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.).
      • Write programs that automatically run on major devices categories (e.g. laptops/desktops/servers, tablets, cell phones, embedded devices, super computers).
        • Write programs that automatically take advantage of multi-threading or/and distributed computer network availability.
          • Write programs that automatically use the special features found on particular computers (e.g. many computers have useful instructions on their CPU's, but a lot of software avoid these common instructions because, despite being common, they're not universal, and software makers prefer to have slower software than to have 10% of their customers upset).
            • Automatically leverage GPU's.
              • Automatically encrypt all network traffic, but in some controllable way such that performance-vs.-security can be selected.
                • Automatically generate installers, such that once you make a program, you get an installer with it.
                  • Automatically perform all sorts of optimizations whenever possible.
                    • Allow you to program using more than just plain text for source code. For example, program with math equations and other graphical elements.
                      • Provide a simple, powerful GUI system so that you can specify a beautiful user interface without too much hassle.
                        • Provide many helpful code-writing features, like Intellisense, that many good IDE's currently provide.
                          • Allow programming through natural languages. For example, you could just tell the computer what to do in English.
                            • Provide a large library of useful API's.
                            So, what else would be cool for a programming platform to do? You don't have to be technical to participate in this thread - if you'd like to program, but something's preventing you (say you just need a good tutorial, or you don't like something about modern platform options) - it'd be cool to know what you'd like!

                            Please note that I included "tell the computer what to do in English". You can really just make stuff up.
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