Fraud Incorporated

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Fraud Incorporated

Postby toucana on October 11th, 2019, 6:42 pm 

The internet has had a field-day with the discovery that one of the two US citizens of east European provenance arrested at Dulles airport as they tried to flee from USA on one-way tickets to Vienna was the sometime owner of a company called ‘Fraud Guarantee LLC’ that offers fraud mitigation services.

The New York Times has published a lengthy story that unpacks all of this in some detail:

The most interesting takeaways appear to be these:-
- Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman did not work for Rudi Giuliani. He actually worked for them.
- All three of them were funded and run by a Ukrainian billionare called Dmitry Firtash.
- Firtash is a top level mobster currently under house arrest in Vienna on bribery charges.
- Parnas, Fruman, and Giuliani were funnelling illegal campaign contributions to US politicians.
- A major recipient of the slush funds was former Republican Congressman Pete Sessions.
- Sessions lobbied the State department to recall US ambassador Marie L. Yovanovitch.
- Ambassador Yovanovitch was regarded as a major obstacle to Trump’s plans to smear Joe Biden.

It would appear that the federal SDNY court had already prepared sealed Grand jury indictments against Parnas and Fruman, and in a move that has ‘wire-tap’ written all over it, the SDNY unsealed them and arrested the two men when the authorities learned they were about to leave the country on one-way tickets, instead of answering subpoenas calling for them to appear in front of Congressional investigators who are currently unravelling the web of corruption surrounding recent American policy in Ukraine.

Rudi Giuliani has not been arrested so far, and claims he hasn’t even been spoken to by prosecutors from SDNY (which he used to run). As a number of commentators have pointed out though, prosecutors don’t normally interview primary targets, they simply arrest and indict them.

Giuliani’s role in all this remains bizarre and dangerously undefined. A fortnight ago, the acting DNI Joseph Maguire was unable to tell Congress whether or not Giuliani even held a WH security clearance of any description. As one commentator observed “Consigliore is not an office recognised in the constitution”.
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