Schizophrenia and Human Self-Domestication: An Evolutionary

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Schizophrenia and Human Self-Domestication: An Evolutionary

Postby BadgerJelly on December 30th, 2017, 1:54 am

Based on these observations, we conclude that SZ may represent an abnormal ontogenetic itinerary for the human faculty of language, resulting, at least in part, from changes in genes important for the domestication syndrome and primarily involving the neural crest.

Does anyone have much to say about this? I cannot see the paper so not much I can read into this.

I have been interested in ideas connecting Schizophrenia to the development of human language. Interesting connection here to human domestication.

Any thoughts or extra info?
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Re: Schizophrenia and Human Self-Domestication: An Evolution

Postby wolfhnd on December 30th, 2017, 4:29 am ... l.pdf+html

I read through it and it is too thick to digest.

Self domestication is both an important and trendy topic. It is likely that researchers will jump on any new model of development to explain a wide variety of diseases. With that in mind I would be cautious.

It is possible that schizophrenia existed at a similar rate prior to self domestication. We will never know. If there is a correlation you are still faced with the chicken and egg issue.

The relationship between language and schizophrenia is also a correlative relationship. I would expect that if the connection was direct it would show up in development as low order speech dysfunction not as a high order language cognition dysfunction. That of course is a casual hypothesis.

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