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Meditation for Compassion, studies on benefits

PostPosted: April 13th, 2017, 8:24 pm
by Dave_C
Interesting article: ... -training/
It’s about some studies done to quantify the benefit of meditation for compassion. Links to some of the papers are in the article.

Does anyone here meditate? I guess there are different ways to do that. I wonder how strong the benefits really are. I'll give it a try ...

Looking for a way to be happier? Are you seeking deeper connections with friends or looking for more friends? Want to relate better to your co-workers?
Try a little compassion.

. . .

But compassion is not for the touchy-feely Oprah set alone. The U.S. military and professional sports teams found real success with mindfulness and compassion training. In fact, the baseball team that incorporated mindfulness practice into their routine last year, the Chicago Cubs, won the World Series. The "lovable losers" hadn't won a World Series in 108 years.

. . .

A whole industry exists to teach you compassion, but it doesn't have to cost you money. You can start simply with a common exercise called the Loving Kindness Meditation. All you need is a quiet space and about 20 minutes, or 15 minutes if the thought of having to find 20 stresses you out. . . . (read how in the article)

. . .

Compassion training has helped others who experience regular stress in their work. After compassion training, doctors and nurses who suffer a lot of professional burnout become better caregivers and feel empathy without internalizing a patient's distress as their own.

Soldiers who took compassion training recovered faster from stressful situations, such as basic training. Their heart and breathing rates return to normal much quicker than those soldiers who don't get the training.

. . .

"There is a real benefit to this practice, including physical health benefits and a real reduction in physical signs of stress," Negi said. His studies have documented success in specific patient populations, including breast cancer survivors and people with PTSD, and for those with run-of-the-mill stress.

Re: Meditation for Compassion, studies on benefits

PostPosted: May 5th, 2017, 9:03 am
by eagle
I've tried meditating. I think it can be helpful, although some people tend to get carried away with the benefits as with many useful things. Also, a lot of other activities can be meditative, so I've limited my explicit meditating in the particular styles that these studies tend to focus on

You can give it a shot and experiment for your own results.