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- April 2015
Unwarranted Love - a trivial bet
   April 20th, 2015, 5:30 pm
   April 20th, 2013, 7:50 am

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I made a bet with my gay neighbour whilst he was stoned that he would cook me the most 'delush' meal in exchange for me writing a short four page spiel on 'unwarranted love'. I don't think he knows how easy it was for me and that I am a prolific writer. Here it is for anyone that cares to read it:


Unwarranted Love – by Percarus

Oh sweet dear... Never before had I understood thy adulterated infernal love that thou'st hath afflicted over me 'till I learnt so astoundly from bawled firsthand experience. This love has no justification, no inflexibility and is inimical in every sense of the word. It is only now that I judiciously realise that we are not alone here and many others have experienced this inundated groundless love. Are we an 'item', were we meant to be? I know not for indecisive sureness since by now I may give some indebted credence that this love is by a...

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Over the next several weeks I am going to fork over $700 to publish a FREEWARE book (profits by donation only) on all major eBook vendors and proceeds will go to charity, mainly: i) Make a Difference, ii) Indian Red Cross - both associations to better care and educate the impoverished from a most uncouth nation. Here is a little about my book soon to be released:

Book Blurb
Throughout the ages humanity itself has operated, and co-existed, side-by-side with their fellow kindred in a state of semi-segregation naturally induced by the very infrastructure of the society we live in and cherish. Many individuals live secret lives, some witness miracles, others partake and accomplish extraordinary personal feats, and the great leaders of this world usually tend to have an extensive understanding of the operations of the world without quite ever understanding, nor believing, in the stories of incumbents affiliated in micro-social communities of their own.

This book is indirectly a much improved...

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During the years of 2004/05 I studied a lot of chemistry based units. There was one class in particular that shed an enlightening concept of which I have not quite forgotten yet despite losing my varied chemistry books since then. The lecturer, a reputed individual, showed a demonstration in which a non-water liquid was placed in a jar/container and into this container a block of wood was placed. Within no time the cellulose (what wood is comprised) was quite simply completely dissolved without losing its molecular structure. That is, the lecturer just showed that turning wood into a liquid was possible! Apparently there are many industrial applications to this, and there is a long list of established different solvents (non-water based) that will dissolve an array of different non-water molecular structures. Ahem, now, this was a long time ago so I cannot remember the names of the solvents without my notes with ease. I believe that one of them was ‘toluene-ethylene-glycol’, and...

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Last semester I partook in a postgraduate course in university about Public Relations. Previously, in another university, I studied in depth a philosophical unit of ‘Ethics’. In the unit of ‘Ethics’ I learnt that the closest thing to ‘Public Relations’ ethics was a mixture of Journalism Ethics, Utilitarian Ethics, and Situational Ethics. Now, the b*tch of my Public Relations (Media Relations) course requested that we write a lengthy essay discussing ‘media relations’ ethics. Bear in mind she never studied core fundamental ethics in her whole life, and I graduated in ethics with first class honours. Anyway, I clearly knew that what she wanted us to talk about was established ‘notions’ of ethics like the ones taught in class which comprised of the following parameters of which I had memorized off by heart very quickly within the course:

 Honesty
 Accountability
 Caring for others
 Keeping promises
 Fidelity
 Fairness
 Integrity
 Respect for others
 Pursuit of excellence

Of ...

[ continued ]

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