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- April 2015
Unwarranted Love - a trivial bet
   April 20th, 2015, 5:30 pm
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I made a bet with my gay neighbour whilst he was stoned that he would cook me the most 'delush' meal in exchange for me writing a short four page spiel on 'unwarranted love'. I don't think he knows how easy it was for me and that I am a prolific writer. Here it is for anyone that cares to read it:


Unwarranted Love – by Percarus

Oh sweet dear... Never before had I understood thy adulterated infernal love that thou'st hath afflicted over me 'till I learnt so astoundly from bawled firsthand experience. This love has no justification, no inflexibility and is inimical in every sense of the word. It is only now that I judiciously realise that we are not alone here and many others have experienced this inundated groundless love. Are we an 'item', were we meant to be? I know not for indecisive sureness since by now I may give some indebted credence that this love is by all means unwarranted – unwarranted love, oh what a notion...

If there is no such thing as respective, relentless, and everlasting love then by all means the mere non-trivial notion that love ought to exist at all should be reprehensible and stigmatized in every facet – it ought not to exist, but yet it does. What does this mean for us? I for one know that if true love beeth real, without suffering in such a manner then indeed we ought to be aggrandized in full sheer satisfaction that indeed life is worth living for. Do you love me? Do I love you? I know not anymore for my mind has been plundered by common sense overwhelming reasoning that indeed we were maybe not meant to be.

With time many of us become more self-confident, we raise our standards, we learn, develop and grow. I am by all means scathed by this ridiculous unwarranted love. Why is it the Homo Sapiens way to be so pertinacious when it comes to love? Why do some cave in to loving someone they never had firm ground to adore and cherish at first sight? Does our innate pedulant nature to those incompatible to our own mere self change over time with persistence? In many cases I believe it to be possessively so, but this at the cost of a clear minded historicity that could have taken place hath love been magical and at first sight.


This is not the love I pleasurably desire – we all want a perfect fit free from pusillanimous ill-begotten pressured love. Hath I known thee never loved me at first sight I would never have suffered for so long. Why is it the Homo Sapiens' way to linger so reservedly to the embodiment of a singular (or plural) individual(s) for so long after falling in by sheer intrigue to someone whose path we may have crossed? Are we needy beings? Isn't God enough to satisfy our love needs? The answer beeth 'NO'! We are rapacious beings and it is common for us to pursue our need for carnal lust in life. Faithfulness can never be refined if one's interest was never there to start off with and instead was pushed/shoved/coerced into the embodiment of the adored soul. We live...

I have objectified thy beauty and grace, or mayhap you have objectified mine – who loves you? I can't say I love you that is for sure because I am not bound to effeminate myself to submission when I am so out of touch of your mind and offensive neglect. Ok, I lie, I love all... But my lustful nature is obvious, I am observant of thy grace, I need sex! Ostracised have been the nature of many men and women out there in their divine fixation on a free-willed being that hath never loved them in return. Had they obtained well founded clarity to start off with through an open dialogue then no suffering would have ensued – people are generally rational.

Unwarranted love is heartbreaking in game, except love is not a game, so why did you or I treat it like so? We hoodwinked ourselves into this grandiose delusion that beeth half crazy and guiltless not. We are to blame they may say, but I beg you to understand that it is not I that is to blame but the perfect precise timing at that point in my life in which time itself beggary should never ought have occurred. I am directionless, for unwarranted is my love in the platonic sense to various friends I possess, and likewise them to me. Ought we live like this, disconnected and carefree? A wonderful notion for Utopia itself, but in reality a discouraging disconnected emotion bordering on the margins of the seas of insanity. I love...

In this baseless unwarranted love I noticed I was closed-minded, I had low self-esteem, and I was condescending to my own true self – I changed. My standards have increased but oh why is it that I still hold thee so close to within my heart? I will tell thee why, it is because I imagine thy nature to be something conforming to my imagined ideals – oh how wrong could I in reality be hath I known you and thy mind deeply my friend. I was jumbled into a grandiose state of a knotted-up mind because of thy mysterious self. You were there, I was there, we were there, all in a precise imperfect moment encapsulated by the very fabric of space-time; it was perfect!

One of us two/three was lackadaisical and knackered when in pertained to the felt love. Jealously may have run rampart but hope of amends fosters greatly for the afflicted soul(s) so lost and encumbered by the sheer insanity of his/her own mind. These wise sagely words, spoken and typed in an instantaneously manner are very garrulous indeed, but such is the nature of genuine love, it is spirited! With spirit ill-begotten love can be forgivable and forgotten, but oh what a notion to have fraternal loyalty so immense in a romantic way with a desired partner to be, or friend. There is no sex in the pursuit of friendship, and that I am glad for, for beeth you just a friend like intended then hysterical ought I be. After all, this atticism in words are with multiple meanings... Beeth it intended for a friend, enemy, lover, acquaintance, a random, or a plausible sexual partner, I let you decide.

Obsessed some may see your love, and thy nature may have been ostentatious in the eyes of every onlooker – oh, how sorry I feel for you and the embarrassment thyself hath gone through. If this love poetic prose beeth in relation to an experience I have felt (in contrast to someone else) then let it be known that most likely my intent would have been to penetrate a womanly form so profoundly to the point of perfusion and amalgamation of 'our' souls to combination with respect to individuality. Are we an item? My mate, my friend, my pal, my buddy, my brother, my sister, my lover, my soulmate and/or these words from you to me...

To some unwarranted love can be seen as a quaint novel notion, something never reached through the encapsulated rigid bounds of one's own sanity/insanity due to accrued or inherited wisdom/foolishness or reasoning. I recommend retaliation of the confines of the mind to those with no empathy towards the evils and hazards of unwarranted love with no justification. Having understood rage-fully the rambunctious emotions associated with unwarranted love, at the point of realization that it beeth so, can bring great emotional calamity and newfound wisdom to one's frigid state of mind. Is this retarded? I say 'nay', but reckless it is to seek to understand pain by experiencing it firsthand. Better to understand it all within the comforts of a heavenly state of mind as granted by divinity or serendipity itself. Are you lucky/fortunate?

You may have looked ravishing in your imperfections, and retaliatory was my sense of perception of thy prosaic composed self. Were you and I or they simply deluded? I scorn the silly notion that I, the writer, would ever have succumbed so easily if placed in such a situation of unwarranted love as explained in this long winded ditty; but what if nowadays I am capable of lying? Who are you to judge people? Stupefied in surreal superficial suffering are those subordinated into a receptive state of unwarranted love. If thy self ought to find someone afflicted by such a ghastly ailment as such then by all means approach this individual and question their reasoning with well founded reasoning, even if it beeth a complete stranger for such is the compassion and hope I have for Homo Sapience sentience and Altruism.

This spiel is not to be misunderstood as melodramatic, it portrays real emotions as felt through various incumbents the world over, lest you beeth misanthropic in nature and altogether in line with the devil ideal. These are just marvellous words coming straight and immediately from the heart/mind in such a manner to mobilize in thy divine grace some fundamental wisdom on human nature. We suffer in life... But moralistic this suffering can be, and what a joy it can foster to those already pre-conditioned to handle such strong vibrant emotions. And in so saying, I intend these scribblings to be read by mature minds, not children, for provocative is the process of mental conditioning to cherish these powerful emotions such as that given/granted by sheer elemental unwarranted love.

Joyous and jovial would all the afflicted incumbents in the love triangle be if indeed full knowledge was one day attained that all participants had experienced the same ill-begotten emotion of unjustifiable love only to discover jubilantly that indeed it were genuine enduring free-willed love they hath felt at first sight given full reasoning. These powerful words I indoctrinate into thee hopefully are inculcated into thy inner mind, the ID, the self, the ego, for greater spiritual growth and appreciation of love itself for when thy'st find it. Have you been hurt before? Are you of a healthy mind? Is this hilarious? You may be horrified to know that this highfaluting does little justice to explain the freakish pain some suffer from not being loved in return in regards to someone they love or hold dear to heart.

Ahem, to explain the pain such incumbents may feel let me project a myriad of emotions that you may have felt that are also undergone in this process of unwarranted love (this not necessarily from experience but through reasoning)... One may feel alone, incapable, paralysed, fatigued, useless, inferior, vulnerable, empty, forced, hesitant, in despair, frustrated, distressed, woeful, at a tragic loss, in a stew, utterly dominated but to the point of degradation, crushed, tormented, deprived, pained, tortured, dejected, injured, offended, afflicted, in ache, victimized, heartbroken, agonized, appalled, humiliated, wronged, alienated, tearful, sorrowful, stricken by grief and/or anguish, be desolate, desperate, pessimistic, unhappy, lonely, grieved severely, mournful, dismayed and mayhap just generally altogether frightened.

Is there a future for those who succumb to the vestigial pits of mental hell associated with unwarranted love? Of course there is, because once one reaches rock bottom the only glamorized way is up, and up, and UP! Be fruitful in your freaky love mishap as I 'may' have with mine (hath I experienced it). These words don't mean to hypnotic to thy sanctity of the self because I value free will; let unwarranted love seep away from your life, or if you are the odd masochist then by all means continue with your relentless pursuit of an idealised notion of romantic love when all indication seems to point that thou shall never prosper and succeed – it 'could' be a helluva of an adventure, are you a risk taker? Whatever your response be always enthusiastic in the pursuit to cause no hurt in the process of understanding this powerful set of emotions as encompassed by 'unwarranted love'.

Bawled out and bearable are these words to children if explained in simple terms of caution, and from these scribblings thy self may in turn end up being a better parent indeed. If only 'unwarranted love' could be used as an indirect metaphor to all pain around that may facilitate your quest in being a great parent, but I am afraid it is not. The expanse of pain is enormous, mayhap infinite with transhumanism full blown, and in so saying do not dare to open Pandora's box too much because what you may find inside could be your utter damnation to a constricted eternal jail cell named hell!

Thanks for reading... (first draft)


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