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Library Books
   March 27th, 2018, 6:07 pm

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My alma mater has decided to get rid of 8000 books from it's library. I find it incredibly sad that this happens because I know so many students half-arse their reports and don't make use of this wonderful database of knowledge. One of the criteria for getting rid of the book is if it hasn't been checked out in a while. I am shocked by some of the books being gotten rid of. The books are being donated to an organization that is just going to try to sell them online. The other sad thing is, no one seems interested in these books or there is a lack of communication of getting rid of the books.

I have been going in regularly and going through them all and allowed to take any I desire. This is difficult because there is so much good stuff but I will not have the time to read it all. There is also so much knowledge in books that you just can't find online!!!!

Today they were getting rid of a book that I had just used for one of my classes to write a report on. I saved it to at least give to my teacher's archive that he setup to loan out to students doing reports. That or give to another friend as a gift because it's an excellent book.

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Re: Library Books

Permanent Linkby SciameriKen on May 1st, 2018, 4:04 pm

Is this the new burning of books? Being lost to obscurity...? I guess data is too slow to obtain from books - yet I think at times, the quality of internet information is not sufficient but accepted as such. I think this is because at the student level the mentality is just to get it done - the assignments are arbitrary, therefore the need to get it done right where an individually truly cares about the outcome is minimal.
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Re: Library Books

Permanent Linkby -1- on December 30th, 2018, 3:47 am

I was going to say, take the whole collection, all 6000 of them, and donate it back to the school library. Then they can't say "no". The books would be saved for future generations.

A sad fact is that most books in STEM and non-STEM disciplines go partially out-of-date very quickly.

The bigger sadder fact is that professors need to sell their manuscripts which the schools need to force on their unsuspecting hapless students. There is no way a book should cost over $60000 dollars each. But if your student does not buy it, your professor doesn't get rich, and the prof leaves... this is one incentive to retain profs, a financial incentive.

It's not that they need the room for new books... it's just that they have to prevent the students from discovering that today's news is really, and actually, yesterday's news.

Plus the money.
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