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Author:  weakmagneto [ March 24th, 2012, 12:49 pm ]
Blog Subject:  In the end, it's all about survival!

Right now I am posting this blog from a tiny remote fly-in First Nation community, Latitude 53 N. The bandwidth here is limited, but I still have WIFI! YAAAY!

I had an interesting discussion the other day about survival. We considered the following situation, what if you were from a large urban city like Toronto, New York or LA and you had to survive in a small remote fly-in community with only people whose culture is unfamiliar to you. There is no running water or electricity. No store. You were given a small furnished house to stay in for a month. You had to supply everything else yourself. The nearest airport is 50 km away and you have to rely on rides that you arrange. What would you bring (remember freight is very expensive to travel up north and the amount you can take is limited)?

Then we considered another possible scenario, what if a person from a small northern fly-in First Nation community (who was familiar with smaller urban centres with populations of 10,000 and a small city with a population of 150,000) had to stay in a sprawling city such as New York. They were given a small furnished apartment to live and had to commute 1/2 hour via subway then bus it for another 1/2 hr Monday to Friday to attend university. How would they prepare?

There are so many factors in both situations that would contribute to your success or failure. It is interesting to ponder nonetheless.

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