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Sometimes, in life, you are challenged. You will never know what you would do in a particular situation until it happens. You discover many things about yourself and your true character may be revealed, good or bad.

One such event happened to me. A group of us ladies (4), along with my daughter, who was in her late teens, were going to an isolated graveyard located in the wilderness to visit the graves of our loved ones who had passed long, long ago.

We had to walk a ways in the bush to get to the graveyard. As we got there, I had the feeling we were being watched. Just as I caught sight of the family graves, I seen a bear, standing on its hindlegs, staring at us. The bear had no fear. It was a young bear, probably a few years old, almost full-grown.

I immediately alerted the others of the bear. I calmly told them to walk back toward where we had parked the boat. I kept my eye on the bear, it walked parallel to us, it was observing us. I observed it, I was prepared to fight it off if required. As we walked, I spoke to the ladies and my daughter, speaking with them so they wouldn't panic and run. I actually came up with a plan to fight it off if I needed to. I was prepared to defend the others, to the death, if required.

The bear then disappeared into the woods as we got closer to the boat. I told everyone to get into the boat and made sure everyone was safe before I got in and pushed us out. After we had got into deeper water and started the motor. Just then, the bear came out onto the beach we had just vacated.

I learned that day that I would give my life for others without thinking twice about it. It was a very enlightening experience for me to know what I am capable of. When I am feeling down or am particularly negative about myself, I remember who I am...

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